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Armooh-Williams is a law firm dedicated to partner-led client service at the highest professional commitment and quality level. We have a well-earned reputation as transactional lawyers and we regularly represent clients with high-stakes matters on more than one front, including in cross-border matters and in settings where business and reputational considerations are an integral component of case strategy.

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We have a unique offering; our team comprises professionals, experts, and support staff who have local and industry-specific knowledge in locations and sectors we serve clients. Our hybrid model of combining virtual and in-person meetings gives our clients a wide array of options to stay in touch with us and have quick feedback on their questions.

Why Choose Us...

Armooh-Williams Law is one of the leading international trade and project finance law firms in the Washington, D.C. area. As a global boutique law firm, we provide legal, educational, and business consulting services to various clients across various industries. At Armooh-Williams Law, diversity is our strength.

Our clients are our partners, and upon engagement, we combine our diverse legal experts with your values to understand and develop an impactful solution to address your legal needs. Armooh-Williams was founded to disrupt a broken legal industry by offering convenient, affordable, and tailored legal solutions.

Your legal needs define our focus!

We understand that we cannot help you until we know what is important to you.